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Made in Germany, our Kuhlmann Kitchens combine the highest standards of functionality and aesthetics.

The wide selection of bespoke elements, colours and custom-made designs truly mean that you can have your dream kitchen, individually tailored to your exact requirements.

Whether you are looking for an ultra-modern concrete, handleless design or a classic kitchen in a bespoke RAL shade, Kuhlmann has that and everything in between.

What sets Kuhlmann apart from the rest?


       These corner cabinets utilise drawer space all the way around, instead of having space-wasting filler panels.

Multi level cabinets


Make your kitchen unique with our 11° units. A great way to mix two colours in your kitchen or to create a breakfast bar in small spaces.

11 degrees.JPG

Multi corner cabinets

  A clever and attractive unit to add to your   kitchen. The Multicorner allows for great   storage combined with integrated open shelving for displaying anything from cacti to cookbooks.


Our cutlery systems, dividers and storage systems help to keep things organised and can be simply removed for cleaning.


Book matched wood grains

If you love the wood grain cabinets then we offer a perfect book match option. The décor grain is maintained in full height when there are dividing drawers and cupboards and the end result creates a flawless look.



Practically every kitchen has a corner that cannot be used properly – our special corner cabinets give you the best possible storage space.


Powder Coated Handles

Our handles can be coated in any colour to either match your doors perfectly or create a splash of colour with a contrasting shade. A great way to update your kitchen.


Optimal use of space

With the right cabinet you can utilise every corner of your kitchen. Our cabinets are available in standard depths of 330mm, 462mm, 562mm and 722mm.


Our internationally recognised PEFC certificate demonstrate that for us quality goes hand-in-hand with environmental protection. For us, responsibility begins with the selection of materials and a strict quality control in further processing and extends up to a production that is so good that our kitchens can last a lifetime and with good care can still function and look as good as they did on the first day.